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Thread: Bulova Purchase

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    Default Bulova Purchase

    Hello everyone,
    I recently bought this Bulova from a market, and I'm pleased with the condition and price. I've been trying to ascertain its age and have consulted many guides to dating them. However there is no letter on the back of the watch, only a number. Does this mean that it's pre 1950?

    The number is:

    1 99461

    I know that a pic of the movement would help, but I don't have the tools to remove the back. Perhaps that should be my next purchase.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Bulova Purchase (By: soulboy)

    In my humble opinion, the watch face dates more to the late 1950's-60's.

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    Default Re: Bulova Purchase (By: richiec)

    Sorry I can't be of help, in the unlikely event that no answers are forthcoming from members here the following site may be of use.

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    Default Re: Bulova Purchase (By: T Time)

    Thanks - I took it to my watchmaker and he took off the back. It's a 11AFAC movement from 1963.

    The mybulova site is good. Thanks for the link!

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    Default Re: Bulova Purchase (By: soulboy)

    A great resource for Bulova model identification and dating can be found at www.mybulova.com. This site has hundreds of vintage advertisements, known and unknown Bulova watch records, and other tools to help ID vintage Bulova watches. There is also a new website which lists and displays hundreds of Bulova watches, listed by year, style, etc... with a great search function and fantastic pictures of representative Bulova watches. Check out www.watchophilia.com These two resources should help Bulvoa collectors and historians in their quests.

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