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    Default Re: clock nightmares (By: richiec)

    lol..! sorry just a ramblin.

    So, you let your wife dig in your foot with a needle. Your a stronger man than me. If anybody is gonna do some jabbin with a needle like that it'd better be me.

    It's that stimulous response thing with the instant feedback.
    Good clocks always know the time, that's what they tell.

    Bad clocks get glued with macaroni, in Steampunk Hell.

    Ahh, the crunchy sound of victory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGaVUApDVuY

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    Default Re: clock nightmares (By: RJSoftware)

    Well, when you cant see, you remit to the next available set of eyes, even if they aint so good. The digging is so good. This is what makes a marriage.

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    Default Re: clock nightmares (By: richiec)

    Clocks and dreams! When I was a little kid my grandma and grandpa had a clock with a dome sitting on top of a bookcase, in the living room. Somehow in my childish imagination, I used to dream about it and I would dream that the clock on top was a face and the bookcase underneath was a body, and the whole thing would slowly chase me around the house to get me. Somehow that became a recurring nightmare. But, I grew up (some would disagree) and that became the basis for a lifelong fascination with clocks in general. The bookcase is long gone but my family still has the clock - an Ansonia Crystal Palace Extra No.1. That clock is featured in my website, click the link in my signature below here.
    Doug Haeussler, NAWCC #0167553 - Prescott Valley, AZ

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    Default Re: clock nightmares (By: cazboy)

    That same ogee clock I am repairing on, well, in my dream last night came across a mashed up dial face and child painted it on too in crazy designs. I got anxious to fix it by flattening it but the paint changed to a yellow smiley face. !?!

    Cheers, Watchfixer

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