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Thread: R M Floor Clock

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    Question R M Floor Clock

    I recently inherited a Grandfather Clock. The Owner's Manual states it is a Floor Clock. The Company name on the manual is R & M, Los Angeles, California. I have not been able to find anything about this Company on the internet. The clock stands about 78 inches tall, is constructed from Maple wood. It has a narrow waist, and a window door which shows the weights and pendulum.
    The movement has the following identification on it. Jauch, P.L. 78 cm, Western Germany, 2 72, as well as 60-500/Ke/E.
    I would like to know more about this clock, who R & M is, who is Jauch, and what all the numbers mean. The original owner purchased the clock here in California, I assume from R & M some 40 years ago.
    The clock has 3 weights, according to the manual, one of the weights is heavier than the other 2 and should be placed to the right, facing the clock. It is marked "lead" The clock face has roman numerals and a very ornate bronze plate surrounding the dial. It doesn't have a moon dial, even though the manual talks about it. The hood is removable. I followed the instructions in the manual carefully and the clock runs great and seems to be keeping accurate time. I am very happy with it.

    The movement has two sets of 4 hammers one on each side which chimes every quarter hour and on the hour the strokes of the hour. I believe it is called Westminster. I will attach a photo of this clock for further identification. Any and all information about this clock is greatly appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: R M Floor Clock (By: jerryram)

    Greetings, jerryram and welcome to the Message Board.

    What I can tell you right now is that PL 78 is the pendulum length in cm's
    and the movement was made at least after 1949, if it's marked "West Germany".
    There were several Jauch companies around at the time, so we would have to see
    the markings of the back plate.
    You might want to have a look here:


    Most probably, it's "Gebr. Jauch" and you may find a match.
    Jurgen "tempus nostrum"

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    Default Re: R M Floor Clock (By: soaringjoy)

    Jauch movements were very popular in the 70s. The 2 72 may indicate a date of February 1972. This movement is easy to identify from the 'hips' it has on the sides of the plates to support the chain wheels. Due to this the chain spacing is very wide.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: R M Floor Clock (By: Willie X)

    Thank you Willie X. You confirmed the information I received from the owner's family that the clock was purchase some 40 years ago.
    The name of the company printed on the Owners Manual, R & M in Los Angeles, CA, USA is still a mystery.
    My guess is that R & M is the store where the clock was purchased and the cabinet was built either by them or another cabinet maker and then assembled and equipped with the movement from Jauch. I don't know if that is how grandfather clocks are usually constructed, but it makes sense. The firm R & M is probably no longer in business, but I am surprised that there is no trail of it anywhere on the internet. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how I might find out, I would appreciate hearing from you.
    If the clock is 40 years old, does that make it an antique and would it be considered valuable? I'm curious how much a clock like that might have cost in the 70's
    Whatever the outcome of my investigation, the bottom line is, that I'm super pleased to finally have such a beautiful time piece in my home.

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    Registered User soaringjoy's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia

    Default Re: R M Floor Clock (By: jerryram)

    Yes, depending on how the markings are arranged, 2 72 most possibly be a date code, as Willie mentioned.
    The clock itself may be considered "vintage", but not "antique", which would mean 100 years or older (well, in Europe...).
    Clock factories often provided "loose" movements to the trade (i.e. wholesalers, furniture makers, etc.) that were then
    cased in under a different label.
    Tall case clocks never were "cheap" in price, but usually they lose value very quickly, like new cars.
    The exceptions may be some very high grade or historically valuable clocks, built by the clock manufacturers themselves.
    Jurgen "tempus nostrum"

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