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    Default Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions.

    I have a G.E. Westminster Telechron clock with an original B-2 solid shaft 1RPM rotor and 2 watt coil. The rotor is noisy and worn out, can run the time and chime mechanisms (on silent), but stalls with the load of the chime hammers and needs to be rebuilt. The movement is in free working order (but will be cleaned anyway). My questions are: Why did they manufacture this chime clock with a lower torque B-2 rotor in the first place, should I replace it with another B-2 rotor (or rebuild), or put in a higher torque B-3 rotor with a 4 watt coil since it's a chime clock and could use the extra power? If I keep it original, won't it just fail sooner because of the lower torque? Ahhh...and another question: What if I put a B-3 rotor with a 2 watt coil intended for a B-2?

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions. (By: Count Clockula)

    The std. shaft B-2's were used in a number of Westminster style clocks. It appears Telechron eventually moved to the higher torque B-3's and B-13's for these style clocks. A B-3 will certainly work but I don't know if it would last any longer. A B-2 may stall out if the movement becomes worn or dirty whereas a B-3 might keep running and the added friction could cause it to wear out faster since it'll stay running under the strain. As long as the clock has performed fine with a B-2 I'd keep it original.

    The thick lamination B coils are all pretty much the same and will power B-2, B-3 and B-13. You don't need to change coils going from B-2 to B-3. Just don't use a thin lamination H-3/BF coil. (they won't center the armature disks properly and provide a weaker magnetic force)

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    Default Re: Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions. (By: davefr)

    Thanks for the information. This rotor was noisy out of the movement. I've only had the clock a couple of days, and when I see this style of movement I automatically feel that a B-3 is in order. Either way, I will be replacing the rotor if I want to hear the chimes, so I guess I'll keep it original with a B-2 as that's what is called for. This one is most likely 76 years old and still running, but sounds grouchy, and will have nothing to do with chimes.

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    Default Re: Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions. (By: Count Clockula)

    It probably sounds "grouchy" because it looks like this:

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    Default Re: Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions. (By: davefr)

    This thing hisses and spits without even lifting a chime hammer. The whole clock is getting an attitude adjustment very soon.

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    Default Re: Telechron Rotor and Coil Questions. (By: Count Clockula)

    Just wanted to mention that this little chime clock cleaned up well, and the rebuilt rotor was nice and quiet. I tweaked it and ran it for a few days, and gifted it to a friend that wanted a Westminster chime clock, but would probably leave a key-wind clock just sitting there collecting dust. It worked out well and is soooo much better than any quartz crap. Thanks for the help, Davefr!

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