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    Default Re: The real First Talking Clock!!!! (By: Steven Thornberry)

    Hi, Steven,

    How right you are! I superimposed the picture of the movement in the link you provided over the talking movement, zoomed in on the Waterbury logo, faded the two together and they were a perfect match! Too bad I didn't notice how old the first postings were. I guess I read 2012 as 2017-both postings were in March. Now, it seems, we'll never now...

    Sadly yours,


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    Default Re: The real First Talking Clock!!!! (By: soaringjoy)

    Hi All,
    interesting to read your comments.
    I am just doing Research on "Sprechende Uhr" / "Talking clock" and I have already found a lot of new information, so, most likely I will write a book about this objet(s).
    In respect of "Talking Clock Manufacturing Co.", which was a shareholders Company in St.Louis, I wonder if there is no information available about what time-period this Company was existing.
    Can the NAWCC Supervisor ask 442cain per e-mail to give some News about his extraordinary valuable objects and documents, or is this against the Forum rules?

    Any informations about this "Talking Clock and Company would be very much appeciated.

    Thanks for comments and best regards

    Siegbert Hils

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    Default Re: The real First Talking Clock!!!! (By: 442cain)

    Sorry everyone I haven't logged on here in awhile but I still have the clock and would love help researching it. And can get better specific pictures. I need to turn on email notifications to this thread so I know about new messages. Also my email is 442cain@gmail.com . Believe it or not im actually bringing my clock to the Antiques Roadshow tomorrow since I finally received tickets and maybe come back with more info this way. Ill keep you posted this time around

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