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    Default Daneker Modern floor clock with a Mauthe movement replacement?

    Can I replace a Mauthe movement w500 with a w502? I got this clock from a couple who didnt want it anymore. The quarter chimes works fine, but the springs for the hourly and time keeping are broken.. The time keeping winds a bit and only runs for 24 hrs.. I found a movement that is a w502 and mine is a w500 movement.... Can I replace the 500 with a 502??

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    Default Re: Daneker Modern floor clock with a Mauthe movement replacement? (By: deniseit)

    You can get new springs, or possibly, repair the ones you have. It's probably time for a full service anyway, so the springs would be included in that.

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    Default Re: Daneker Modern floor clock with a Mauthe movement replacement? (By: shutterbug)

    For what it is worth, my references to the basic Mauthe 500 movement, a three train movement with plates measuring 127 by 115 mm, is used in wall and mantel clock cases, all use the same three mainsprings regardless of the case type, pendulum length or balance wheel escapement. I have no reference to a Mauthe 502 movement.

    I would agree with Shutterbug, that your 500 movement is likely in need of more than mainspring replacement. Simply exchanging old, broken mainsprings with other old mainsprings without removing the springs from the barrels for cleaning all of the old lube and re-lubricating with new lube is a "fool's errand" and a short-cut to failure.

    The Daneker clock cases were quality work using only solid woods, no veneer over pine boards.
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    H.J. (Les) Lesovsky, Alhambra California

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    Default Re: Daneker Modern floor clock with a Mauthe movement replacement? (By: eskmill)

    Welcome to the Message Board, deniseit.
    I must agree with Eckmill, as I don't have a reference to a Mauthe 502 either up to 1958,
    that is. The Mauthe 500 movement is listed in three versions in the 1958 catalogue.
    Why don't you post some pictures of the movements side by side / front and rear views?
    Jurgen "tempus nostrum"

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