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    Default Black forest cuckoo clock purchase

    I am having a go at restoring a Black forest cuckoo clock. When i purchased the clock both hands were missing. When i opened the case i notice that three wheels had become lose and fallen to the bottom of the case. The lose wheels are the ones on front of the mechanism which the hands fit onto.
    I had the clock running with wooden hands just of testing purpose the clock ticks fine however the hands did not move I think i know what the problem is
    In the picture below the wheel I am pointing at should this wheel be stuck firmly onto the shaft?
    At the moment it turns freely on the shaft.

    Also should there be some type of nut holding wheels on the front of the clock mechanism the large centre wheel (hour cannon) and the minute wheel shaft is threaded to take a nut or should the hands be threaded so they screw on?
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    Default Re: Black forest cuckoo clock purchase (By: paul161201)

    Also do anyone know what this part is for? shown in photo.
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    Default Re: Black forest cuckoo clock purchase (By: paul161201)

    Asking the same question in more than one forum is unnecessary and just leads to confusion. So I am going to lock this one, and reply in the other thread.
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