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    Default Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed

    Hello message board;

    I'm looking for help with an Ithaca Farmers #10 Calendar clock I recently acquired.
    The attached image is an example of the clock in question. However, mine is missing the top molding that goes around the front and sides as well as the carved crest.

    Is there someone out there who can send me some good close up pictures and perhaps some dimensions of the top?

    I'm also thinking that this clock should have a label. Mine does not. Is there anyone who can send me a high resolution image of a label from one of these?

    You can email me at prh0213@yahoo.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can.

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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: Paul H)

    joel@ithacacalendarclocks.com This is Joel Warrens web site if anyone can supply your parts - He can.

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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: jacks61fd)

    Dear Paul H.

    Nearly two weeks ago I e-mailed Joel at his web site (e-mail address) and have yet to hear back from him concerning a couple of questions I have regarding an Ithaca #8 Library Shelf clock. I hope you have better luck getting a prompt response from him than I.

    Good luck.


    Joe Coppersmith

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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: Joseph Coppersmith)

    E-Mail does get lost at times and/or ends up in spam.

    Suggestion is that you go to his web site at www.ithacacalendarclocks.com and then go to the bottom, pick up the telephone number and phone him.

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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: Dick C)

    I agree - call him I have never heard anything but good about Joel and his work.

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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: jacks61fd)

    Thanks Guys;

    I've already had good communiation with Joel. And yes, Thank you Joel!!!!

    One last thing I was hoping for was a good high resolution image of an original label for the clock.

    Anyone out there have a label they can photograph for me?


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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: Paul H)

    This maybe a dumb question, but is your clock exactly like the one in the picture with the exception of the top? The reason I ask is there are two other versions of the No. 10 Farmers without the top molding as shown in your picture. Here is a picture of my Old Farmer's No. 10. The door styliing is the big difference (other than top molding). There is no label on my backboard and no indication there ever was one.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Farn10 B.jpg 
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Name:	Farm10 A.jpg 
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    Default Re: Ithaca Farmers #10 help needed (By: lamarw)


    Thanks for the feedback and great pics. Actually I like the background in your photos alot.

    I believe your clock is the first version of the farmers#10. Mine is the second version and yes the door on mine matches the photo I posted at the beginning of this thread. Mine also does not have any evidence of a label. Although mine does have a great jewelers label with a portrait and "the latest prices for specs"

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