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    Default DUFA clock company history

    o and while i'm here...anyone kno anything about Dufa? i know it was established in 1920 and stuff, but im slightly curious about what happened after, when it went out of business, etc.

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    Default DUFA clock company history (By: chrsvor25)

    All that I know about DUFA was posted yesterday in my response to your question. A google search reveals a couple of documents in German and a few listings for DUFA clocks. Unless "duck" can help you that's probably about it.


    Richard T.
    Richard T.

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    raymond c matthews

    Default DUFA clock company history (By: chrsvor25)

    hello kochmans tels us it belongs to etzold&poitz registered 1920 a clock and watch factory the also imported and exported the same
    they also did the same with household hardware
    with a different logo..i cant see any reference to when they packed up
    regards ray

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    Default DUFA clock company history (By: chrsvor25)

    There's a new volume that's been out several weeks now, Hans-Heinrich Schmid's (2005) _Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980_. It is by far the best single reference to the historical German clockmaking industry ever published, and it became the standard reference the day it appeared (I've submitted a review of it to the _Bulletin_). Some 250 of its 650 small-print scholarly pages are given over to more specific information about some 300 of the 2100+ German firms listed in the first section. As we'd expect from the world's finest horological library, the Library & Research Center (LARC) in Columbia already has two copies of the _Lexikon_. Hey hey! And in it there is a full page and a half, in concentrated, encyclopedia-style prose -- among name changes and firms belonged to and with, and trade-marks and dates and exhibitions and so on -- of what happened to Etzold & Popitz of Leipzig from its founding in 1864, until Kienzle-Dufa turned up its horo-paws in 1996. In short, the entry in Schmid's _Lexikon_ on pages 405f. is what you'll want, and surely at that! Regards, Duck NAWCC 118804

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    Default Re: DUFA clock company history (By: zepernick)

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    Default Re: DUFA clock company history (By: kristind36)

    Sorry but your video is of such poor quality that it's hard to tell anything about the clock. In addition, it's terrible to be "bombarded" with ads etc...............


    richard T.

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