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    Default Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum)

    I have a clock in for repair, a 7 foot regulator with a french or swiss pinwheel regulator movement. The weight and the pendulum (bob and lyre) are missing. I would guess the bob is about 10" in diameter. What would be the approximate weight of the pendulum bob and the driving weight. I have the pendulum grid-iron assembly, but the lyre and bob are completely gone. The part I have is beautifully made with the rods of solid oval form. This part is very heavy.

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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: Jeff Salmon)

    Hey Jeff.

    First of all the weight of the pendulum bob does not really matter. Least as much as the distance (length) of the bob is suspended. As long as the pendulum bob and rod's center of mass is the required value of that clock works, then it will run on time.

    But, one does like to choose a bob and rod of apropriate looks

    If nobody can help you with a weight refference for the clocks weights, then there are some test options. The easiest I think would be to get something like empty paint bucket cans (at paint store), fill with sand and start off heavy and gradually remove dirt till it won't run. Then add a percentage above that and it should give you a good idea of weight requirements.

    The next trick was from former member Phil, who used a fishing scale. You tie one end to clock cord and pull on other and tie it off. Test clock to see if it will run and check scale for reading. Again when you get the lowest amount it will run on, add a percent more to give extra power, not too lean.


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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: RJSoftware)

    thanks RJ. I might even get a reproduction Morbier pendulum and use the parts. I don't know how lucky I will get in finding in old parts.

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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: Jeff Salmon)

    JEFF, TIMEWASTER is currently asking how to remove a dent from his pinwheel bob. Perhaps ask him what his original pendulum/bob weighs? Twelve or more pounds would not surprise me. They are heavy. As for driving weight, I would expect typically, six to eight pounds without a pulley. That has been my experience with several PWs

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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: Scottie-TX)

    Here's a link if you need it

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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: Jeff Salmon)

    Jeff, the oval rods made me think of one I worked on a few years ago, a Waterbury. The pendulum was 13 pounds. I think the weight was a bit over 6 pounds, with no pulley.
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    Default Re: Pinwheel regulator question (weight and pendulum) (By: harold bain)

    Jeff - I agree with Harold about the oval roda being Waterbury. I have a Waterbury pin wheel clock with a mercury pendulum and the weight is 6.7 pounds. A friend has the same clock but has two pendulums 1 is mercury and the other is oval rod gridiron, it uses the same weight for each pendulum.

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