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    Default Seiko Quartz Watch Day of the Week Wheel

    I've recently replaced the movement on a Seiko quartz watch and noticed the the day of the week wheel has the day abbreviation in what may be three languages How do you get it to give the day in English? The movement model is 7N43-9011

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    Default Re: Seiko Quartz Watch Day of the Week Wheel (By: Stephen Ray)

    Typically, these day/date watches have a re-set function for the day and for the date. This is often done by pulling the crown out half way to the re-set position. Turning the crown one way changes the numeral, and turning it the other way changes the day. Be sure your watch is set so that the calendar is changing at midnight. It may or may not be critiacal, but I would recommend setting the calendar during the day rather than right at midnight as at that time the calendar change mechanism is likely engaged. To set the day to the correct language, pull the crown out a bit to the calendar set position and set the calendar day to the correct day in the language of your choice. As the calendar day advances after midnight, the other two languages may show (unless your calendar is an "instant change" type), but by the next day it will be correct.

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    Default Re: Seiko Quartz Watch Day of the Week Wheel (By: Stephen Ray)

    Thanks Doug

    That worked! Now I just have to figure out how to get the back off the watch again. I had it off when I replaced the movement but I must have got it on really solid because I can't budge it now. I have a really cheap case knife that isn't the best.

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