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    Default Rollie pocket watch

    i just purchase this watch from somebody , but i don't know nothing about his history ( year , material , value , etc.... ) . Any info , any help will be apreciate . I think this is the best place to ask this , because here are the people which they realy know something about watches.

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    Default Re: Rollie pocket watch (By: puchianu70)

    The movement appears to be a Swiss Unitas 6503 or a related caliber. These movements are still being made, and there are millions of them around. Reliable, easy to work on, adequate performer, but definitely not rare! The "Rollie" name. I am unble to help you there except to say the watch is a generic Swiss product assembled to order out of off the shelf components. Not much history, unless the engraving tells an important story. This is a modern watch- the engraving says 1977. The case is inexpensive base metal possibly chrome plated, with the plating apparently peeling. Value? Unable to help you there, but safe to say it is likely worth what you paid for it.


    This image is from Roland Ranfft's excellent movement archive.

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