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    Default HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis


    Long time ago i got this pocket watch from my grandmother.
    She said it is really old and that the case is made of gold.
    Please help me to indetify this watch.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PC063098_800x600.JPG   PC063099_800x600.JPG   PC063100_800x600.JPG   PC063101_800x600.JPG   PC063102_800x600.JPG  

    PC063103_800x600.JPG   PC063106_800x600.JPG  

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    Default Re: HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis (By: L4F)

    A close up of any maker and assay marks inside the lids would help determine gold content. The writing you cite roughly means "15 Jewels" and "in-line lever escapement."

    Jewels in a watch are used as bearing surfaces, and a fifteen jewel watch is usually jewelled to the centre wheel, and considered "full jewelled" by most parties.

    The lever escapement is better than the old horozontal or cylinder escapement, which was in popular use at the time that watch was made, and that is why the maker (actually finisher) advertised the more costly lever escapement.

    Pretty watch!

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    Default Re: HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis (By: neighmond)

    I'm not convinced, but it might just be that one of the two punch marks I see in your fourth photo (the right hand one) is a woman's head in profile. If so, that is Helvetia and the Swiss assay mark for 18 karat gold.

    It's an attractive and unusual case, but the movement looks like a pretty standard Swiss ebauche movement. I doubt that you will ever know who the maker is.

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    Smile Re: HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis (By: MartyR)

    A 15 jewel lever escapement is jeweled through the third wheel. If it is jeweled through the second (center) wheel it has 16 jewels if jeweled only on the top plate and 17 jewels if jeweled top and bottom.
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    Default Re: HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis (By: L4F)

    Thank you for your fast answers.
    There are no any marks of maker
    or any stamps, but just
    number 60 (picture 4, 1st lid)
    and number 25650 (on the 2nd lid, i think it is a serial number)
    and on the mechanism it is written
    something like Metard, i don't see M quite clearly ,
    unfortunately i don't have magnifier..

    Can you tell me your opinion about the age of this clock
    and how much money you think i would get for it?
    I would be glad to find a man who wish to have this nice watch in his collection.

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    Default Re: HELP! ancre ligne droite 15 rubis (By: L4F)

    Hi L4F,

    the signatures "Advance" and "Retard" on the balance cock are French for fast and slow respectively.

    After the style of dial, crown, and pendant the watch was made around 1900. The movement is one of the many grades and variants of an old FHF 19''' calibre. Here two examples:

    These examples demonstrate the confusion generated by the diversity and the omnipresence of this calibre. The first was finished by a German company using typical Swiss layout, the second by a Swiss company with typical German layout.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft
    Identify your movement here

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