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    Exclamation Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch


    Am looking for help in identifying the year and value of my Mickey Mouse wristwatch timepiece my Father gave me. I have come across alot that are similar but not exact. I do not have a w ay to get a good pic up so I will explain it the best I can until such time.

    Mickey has yellow glove hands and a more pink face than I hav seen on others. It says Walt Disney Production under the 6. It also has about 8 numbers I think above the 12 but the bezel is blocking and my magnifying glass is too weak. Mickey is facing right and his tail is near the 7. his hair line black is thicker than all the ones ive seen without the writing on the bottom.

    The back says Stainless steel back on one side and Chr.Pl.Base Metal Bezel on the other half circle each writing.

    On the inside there is a plastic ring between the back and the movement.

    Have been searching for days...please help,There is a stamp inside the back I think it states 9 P 71


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    Talking Re: Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch (By: DiaDiam)

    My friend came over with a better magnifying glass and the numbers above the 12 are "160102471"

    Hope this adds to the mystery


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    Default Re: Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch (By: DiaDiam)

    If your watch is quartz, it is not likely one that would attract much interest from collectors. A quick scan through one of the foremost collector's guides in circulation shows that by far the majority of MM watches list at what might be considered current replacement value for an equivalent. The most collectible ones being from the 1930s to 1950s. All mechanical. And the best prices in the guides are for watches that are as new, never worn, and with the original display box. Disney and almost every watch manufacturer, distributor, or licensee (for example Bradley, Timex, Caravelle, Cardinal, Bulova, Seiko, Citizen, Ingersoll, and on and on and on) has done MM watches by the millions, in total! So not only is the NEW market flooded with them, so is the secondary market. You might want to check out some of the on-line auctions to get a sense of what people are asking for them, and also what prices they actually bring. We do not express values on this message board, a fact you seem to have overlooked when you registered.

    Age, condition, style, and rarity are the biggest factors in desireability of these watches. If yours isn't old, isn't in pristine condition, is of the typical mundane round variety, and you aren't able to determine its rarity by some means or other, you can imagine what the market might determine to be fair value.

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    Default Re: Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch (By: DiaDiam)

    Sounds like I have the same described watch and it is not a Quartz. I would also like a value quote.

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    Default Re: Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch (By: darlin1)

    Quote Originally Posted by darlin1 View Post
    Sounds like I have the same described watch and it is not a Quartz. I would also like a value quote.
    We do not give evaluations in this thread, but it offered on the forum for a small charge
    That said, i think you will find the watch (based on no pictures) less than $150 to $100
    Even if its mechanical the movement will be crude and rubbish.

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    Default Re: Walt disney Production Mickey Mouse Wristwatch (By: Adam Harris)

    I think you have Timex Mickey. The date stamp inside is confirmed by the code on the dial, the last two numbers ("71" ) indicate the date. -Cort

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