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    Default Ollie Baker Drill Press Bushing Tool

    Hello All,

    At a recent chapter meeting I was asked to find out if anyone had an "Ollie Baker" style drill press bushing tool. I didn't know there was such a thing.

    Below is a photo of part of the tool. The part that holds it to the drill press table is not shown. The second photo is the other type available from the usual sources.

    I have, and use, the version available from clock supply sources and have been pleased with it.

    My friend would like to buy an "Ollie Baker" style one. If anyone knows if these are available please let me know. A PM with an offer to sell one would be appropriate.


    Richard T.
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    Default Re: Ollie Baker Drill Press Bushing Tool (By: Richard T.)

    Hi Richard,
    I know that it is not the bushing tool,but recently I acquired an Ollie Baker test stand and the configuration of the components is very similar.
    Just thought that I would share my observations if you can't find a bushing set-up

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    Default Re: Ollie Baker Drill Press Bushing Tool (By: tom427cid)

    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for the info............

    Richard T.

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