After reading Fortunatís review of the subject book in the June 2011 issue of Antiquarian Horology, I decided to buy a copy before the limited edition ran out. Itís an expensive book, and my usual procedure for a costly edition is to borrow it from the NAWCC library first, to see if it is worth it, before adding a copy to my personal library. However, the libraryís lending copy is out until late July, and I saw from the sellerís website that the prestige edition was already sold out, so I grabbed a regular edition that in itself is limited to 1000 copies.

It is a marvelous book! It catalogs with both descriptions and color photos all of Janvierís known clocks, some extensively. Clock no. 322, a celestial example, is detailed with 40-some pages of color photos of the various trains.

If it doesnít violate any copyright laws, perhaps Fortunat could reproduce his review here.

Best regards,
Frank Del Greco