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    Default Lester Field Clock Needing Info

    I have another clock which I know or could locate little info about. It says its a Lester field clock an its an 8 day. Does anybody know who produced them? Are they wall clocks? Sadly I'm missing the key for this clock. Any info on the clock maker or anything relating to the clock appreciated.
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    Default Re: Lester Field Clock Needing Info (By: whitman75)

    regarding the key:go into the next clockshop either with Your clock or with an exact mesurement of the winding square,they will help You with a matching key.For more info take off the back cover of the mvmt.and take another clear pic.This might enable to nail down the maker and date range.HTH
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    Default Re: Lester Field Clock Needing Info (By: Burkhard Rasch)

    With some effort I got the back cover off to expose the movement. This clock is German made by the Rensie Watch Co. I couldnt find any information on Google about this type of clock. If anyone knows any info about this company or the clock please feel free.

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    Default Re: Lester Field Clock Needing Info (By: whitman75)

    The "Rensie Watch Co." should be just a trade mark of the Europa Uhrenfabrik Senden GmbH from Senden in Germany. They made watches, alarm clocks, small travel clocks or small style clocks. Founded 1947, closed 1996.

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