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    Default Duverdrey & Bloquel

    Hello Fellow Clock Lovers and Masochists

    Does anyone have any information about Duverdrey and Bloquel? I know it's a French company. I'm looking at a very nicely made little movement stamped with their name and "Made in France" for a replacement job. It's much better than the one I'm taking out. I'd like to know about a little bit about the company.

    Now I have to go back to the shop and whip myself some more over my latest addition to "Clockmakers Hall of Shame" ... but that's a story for another post and another thread.

    Best regards fellow sufferers,

    - Bill in nothernern California

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    Default Re: Duverdrey & Bloquel (By: whcureton)


    D & B history goes back to 1896.
    In 1928 they added and registered the tradename "Bayard".

    The company used several markings, from the whole name, "D&B",
    a lion on a flat podest, etc.
    As far as I know, they produced mainly carriage, alarm and smaller
    mantel piece clocks. The UK (at least) was their major market.

    A board search on Duverdrey and Bayard will get you further infos.


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    Default Re: Duverdrey & Bloquel (By: soaringjoy)

    Have a look here: http://www.thomas-boivin.fr/2009/04/08/reveils-bayard/

    There are pictures of the old company building, and an old ad of that company.

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    Default Re: Duverdrey & Bloquel (By: whcureton)


    Have a look at this blog's section on Bayard /Duverdrey & Bloquel

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