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    Default Depose pocket watch

    I have a 14kt Depose pocket watch and cannot find any research information what-so-ever. Could someone tell me where I could look, or what search term (s) I could use to find information on this time piece.
    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Depose pocket watch (By: carlton16)


    Depose is the French word for patent! So we're going to need a lot more information, and the very best photographs (not with a cell phone) , with good lighting and detail, and a transcription of all the data you can find on the watch.

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    Default Re: Depose pocket watch (By: doug sinclair)

    While we are waiting more detailed information and hopefully some pictures, I moved your inquiry to the European section for better results

    Welsome to the NAWCC Message Board !!
    Jim Haney

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    Default Re: Depose pocket watch (By: doug sinclair)

    Quote Originally Posted by doug sinclair View Post
    Depose is the French word for patent!
    This is a mistake regularly made here.

    The French for patent is brevet.

    Depose (with acute accents over both e's) means registered, as in registered trademark (marque deposee). Depose on its own seems to be a generic indication that any trade marks on the watch are registered.

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    Default Re: Depose pocket watch (By: carlton16)

    Thank you gentlemen for your responses. It's no wonder I could not find any useful information when I searched for - what I thought was the brand name - Depose. I've been searching for months without luck.
    Indeed, the pocket watch is European. There are a number of European markings on the insides of the case. The case opens from both sides. I just discovered that a few weeks ago. It will take me a few days to gather all the information together and take some pictures, but I will be back.
    This is very important to me. The watch belonged to my father who died in 1982. He was a WWII Veteran, and was all over France, Germany, and Italy. I would like to figure out where he got this pocket watch; if he obtained it in Europe during the war or whether he got it here in the states at a later date. When I was a little girl, I remember seeing him dressed in a suit, getting ready to leave for some dinner or function, and he would be wearing a watch chain with this pocket watch attached. He never mentioned where he got the watch; and of course, I never thought to ask. I found the pocket watch in 1997 after my mother died and I went through everything in her house. It is a true mystery to me, and I am so interested in learning what I can.
    Again, thank you for all your help. I shall return.

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