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Thread: N mullers sons

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    Default N mullers sons

    Does anyone know anythinng about this clock?
    Why do I have in my mind it has to do something with a clock like the Gambling Clock that used coins to get tokens?

    Then again it might just be age.


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    Default Re: N mullers sons (By: Don DeMarcus)

    That's a pretty desirable figural cast iron cased clock.

    I believe it's in tribute to the NYPD, who at one time were referred to as "New York's Finest".

    Muller made a plethora of cast iron cases for a number of makers, using the same case with their own labels and different movements.

    The subject matter could be drawn from all aspects of the popular culture of the time, from his famous "Baseball" clock, to famous horses, religion, patriotism, war, and so on. Something for everyone! That's what, for me, makes some of these cases so interesting and a window to the culture and aesthetics of the time they were produced.

    Check out:


    In the list of cases by this maker, it's listed as # 1102, Policeman, 17 1/2 inches tall, 8 day.

    I know of no connection between this and the gambling clocks to which you refer...though gambling became illegal in many cities in the 19th century so you might get busted by one of the finest for doing so??


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    Default Re: N mullers sons (By: Don DeMarcus)

    Check with the NAWCC Library about the N. Mueller material I sent them. I'm getting long in the tooth and cleaned out a lot correspondence with the late Jim Shawn of Pharr, TX. He had given me indexes regarding the names and model numbers of Mueller cases. He had spent years collecting for his museum there. I'm not sure this is covered in the material, but there's a chance.

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    Default Re: N mullers sons (By: Don DeMarcus)


    I have posted information about this clock before. Its a New York City "BOBBIE COP" They were given away as premiums by the "D.Buchner & Co." of N.Y. Buchner was a wholesaler of tobacco products in the !880"s.
    They distributed smoking and chewing tobacco. One ot the Brands of tobacco was "One of the Finest" (Police Officer) and another was "One of the Bravest" (Fireman). They packed trade cards in their products, customers would save the cards and redeem them for the premium items.
    The policeman clock cost 600 trade cards, the cards depicted police and fire captains and show girls of the era. I also have a pen knife given away for 100 cards. The cop should be holding a night stick in his right hand.
    The back of my clock is marked as follows

    No. 1102

    Copyright 1887 D. BUCHNER & CO.
    by N.Mullers Sons N.Y. NEW YORK
    The No 1102 is center on the rear,copyright 1887 with N.mullers on the left bottom, and D Buchner and New York on the right bottom.
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    Default Re: N mullers sons (By: jacks61fd)

    Here are some of the cards available
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    Default Re: N mullers sons (By: jacks61fd)

    Thanks for the information I knew I had read the story about this clock some place but could not find it.
    Jack check your email.
    Save all clocks for the next generation.

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