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    Default tag heuer reseal difficulty level??

    Hi all,
    This was not how I wanted to start off my watch repair hobby. I noticed condensation inside the crystal of my mid-sized professional 2000 this am. I did purchase it new from a reputable dealer in the area; its the real deal. I removed the back (without marring) to allow it to dry, no water noted. It looks to have a eta movement with a "pusher" stem relase. So far so good....How difficult is it to replace the seals in this watch? Am I almost there, so to speak? Also where would I purchase the ness seals?



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    Default Re: tag heuer reseal difficulty level?? (By: p7fan)

    If your Tag is quartz, you should have the cell changed by a shop that is equipped to do a water resistance test after the cell change! That, plus I have known people who own watches with the screw-down crown who actually WORE their watch in water with the crown unscrewed! I hope you are not one of those. Chances are you may NOT need a new seal. But if you are bound to change the seal yourself, you'll need to measure the o/d of the gasket recess, then buy a range of gaskets with an o/d slightly smaller, ranging to gaskets with an o/d slightly larger. Then choose one that fits the recess. Make certain it is the same diameter as the one you remove, and lubricate with silicone lubricant before you fit the back. Once this is done, you should have it water resistance tested. Things being how they are, I think you'll be better off just turning the whole job over to someone who can do the package for you.

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    Default Re: tag heuer reseal difficulty level?? (By: doug sinclair)

    Thanks for the response. After much consideration; I have decided to take it in to a local jewler (well regarded, does it all in house). I will have him do a complete reseal, pressure test, whatever he deems ness. For now I will confine my "tinkerings" to the mantle clocks......


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