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    Default Colonial by Zeeland grandfather clock ?

    Recently acquired grandfather clock, says " Colonial (with the words) by Zeelander (above & woven into the word Colonial in smaller type). Serial #8011976.

    Have been unable to locate any information regarding maker or any history or reference to the clock itself. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Default Re: Colonial by Zeeland grandfather clock ? (By: Cyclone7)

    Perhaps you have a look at this thread:

    or that website:
    (here appears a hint to a movement from Jauch (germay)!?

    Regards, Andreas
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    Default Re: Colonial by Zeeland grandfather clock ? (By: Cyclone7)

    First , welcome to the message board. Colonial was manufactured in Zeeland Michigan, and used a variety of movement manufacturers. If you do a search on Colonial, you'll find quite a few threads
    curious minds want to know

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