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    Default Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a quartz replacement movement for a Tiffany clock? The markings on the movement are "Chrometron CQ 2001. West Germany" It takes a "C" cell battery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock (By: apprentice)


    Occasionally exact replacements are available from the manufacturer, but usually you are on your own to find something that will work well. Main thing on this type job is that the unusual hands be refitted to the new movement.

    Willie X

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    Default Re: Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock (By: Willie X)

    Willie X is right; many brand names like Tiffany, Chelsea, etc. (normally the high-end retailers) have special movements made that are not available on the open market or at our supply houses. If it's a time-only piece, your best bet is to find the closest match through Timesavers, Empire Clock or Merritt's. The ability to reuse the original hands or the closest to them is normally the most important thing to a customer.

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    Default Re: Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock (By: Chris)

    If the quartz movement is stamped with the Tiffany trademark, you might want to consider repairing this movement. See this thread for a previous discussion:
    Post a few pictures of what you have.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
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    Default Re: Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock (By: harold bain)


    I agree with Harrold. Some of the old 'C' cell time only movements are high quality (all metal) in a accessable case. Always worth a peek inside, sometimes the problem is just a a ball of goop somewhere. Lots of corosion around the battery box, or all plastic construction ... not much need to look inside. :-(

    Willie X

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    Default Re: Quartz Replacement for Tiffany Clock (By: Willie X)

    Yeah; I always take 'em apart - 'specially the better, old ones. 'ell; I can't break it!

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