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Thread: Vincenti Clock

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    Default Vincenti Clock

    I recently purchased this Vincenti clock on Ebay and believe I got a great deal. I have had the movement cleaned (the photo is from before the cleaning).
    More photos can be seen at the following link:
    I have also uploaded photos of some of my other clocks to the same site and will be uploading more whenever I have spare time, so please check back.
    I have been trying to find out more information about Vincenti but not much seems to be available, even though he seems to have been very active in the 19th century. Most of the clocks that turn up at auctions seem to be of the bronze variety. This clock, which is an all wood case, including the face (apart from the enamel numbers), seems unusual in this respect, and I have not seen another like it.
    It seems to be all original, having the same serial number on the movement, the rear of the fact and the pendulum. The inside of the case still has the French "Avance" and "Retard" printed on the rear.
    As far as I can gather it was manufactured between 1855-1870, when Vincenti is said to have stopped manufacturing clocks.
    If anyone can add any information concerning Vincenti in general or this clock in particular, I would be grateful.
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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: bchen100)

    bchen, nice one. Seems he made a variety of clocks. Check these out on http://www.antiqueclockspriceguide.c...php?m=Vincenti

    He was one of the more well known French clock makers. Can you read the words in the round stamp? You may need a magnifying glass to make them out. It could be an award he won at an exhibition and have a date. Or one of our French clock experts might know the date this stamp was used.

    I just looked at the close-up of the stamp and it states "Medaille D'Argent 1855 meaning he won a silver medal in 1855. So not knowing how long he used this stamp it would be made at least from 1855 on. Others may have more information.

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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: Missy)

    Hi Missy
    In the link you gave I checked out the clocks there and actually a very similar one to mine appears but with few details for non-paying members. However it does seem to be the only one of its sort there, the rest of them being portico, crystal regulator, bronze and cartel type clocks for the most part.
    Ill keep looking for info on the wooden clocks.

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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: bchen100)


    the movement in your clock is normally found in "bull's eye" or "œil de bœuf", which are wall clocks that come in various shapes, the most common being the "flower" shape with lift up front glass. These clocks are often wrongly referred to as morez, morbier and comtoise, because there is a connection, in that some of them have a variation of the standard comtoise movement.
    The majority, as in your clock, have a square version of a "paris" movement. They are also found with german movements, similar to yours.

    You will find many "paris" type movements with or without names, and they are all much the same, other than a stamp or two, and the quality of the unmarked ones is just as good as the marked ones.

    Oddly enough, most of the bull's eye movements are often unnamed, so in your case, having a maker's stamp is a bonus.

    The link below will take you to a thread that discusses them


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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: laprade)

    Dear Laprade
    Thanks for the comments.
    Any idea on how to date this clock? The logo gives away the fact that it was made after 1855 but apart from the generally accepted (but unverified) presumption that Vincenti ceased work in 1870, I have found no information on exact dating.

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    Irish, but live in Laprade, 16390, France, (70 miles east of Bordeaux)

    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: bchen100)


    sometimes you may find some pencilled dates on the inside of the case, behind the face, done by the case makers.

    I show some from the "france markets......" thread.

    in the instance of the white faced clocks, there is often a seller's name, which helps with dating. I have never seen a wooden faced one with a seller's name on the front.
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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: laprade)

    I'll check inside the case and see if I can find anything there

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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: bchen100)

    Sadly there is to my knowledge very little info or records available on Vincenti and indeed most French makers. Vincenti is said to have been a Corsican who started a factory in Montbeliard in 1823 and used machines he invented to produce roulants for clocks and watches but the business failed in 1824 and the factory was run thereafter by a chap named Roux who kept the Vincenti name. Known marks on his movements are Vincenti Medaille d'Argent 1834 and Vincent & Cie Medaille d'Argent 1855, personally I have never come across the former. According to the author Allix in 1825 between 40-50 workers were employed by Vincenti and according to the author Croutte Vincenti and Japy were between them producing 86,000 roulants a year in 1847 which indicates he was one of the largest manufacturers.

    I haven't come across any info to suggest he produced cases unlike for instance Japy so it is not unreasonable to assume his movements ended up in whatever the buyer choose to put them in and being a large manufacturer they would have produced movements for whatever the trade desired. As has been said it is believed production ceased in 1870.

    Exact dating of French movements is generally not possible unless there is a known dating system for serial numbers which generally there isn't or specific provenance exists which tells you when it was purchased or for instance presented to someone. HTH.
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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: jmclaugh)

    Hi Jonathan
    Thanks for the info. I'll keep digging to see if I come up with anything.

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    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: bchen100)

    German copies of your clock, appearing around 1910,
    were referred to as "Cartels Henri II" in (French) Junghans

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    Irish, but live in Laprade, 16390, France, (70 miles east of Bordeaux)

    Default Re: Vincenti Clock (By: soaringjoy)

    Jurgens, is right about Henri II, a french revival style, which was quite late: up to 1920s. Japy made vienna look-a-likes with similar movements, but longer pendula.

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