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    Default Centurion 35 Day

    Hello I bought this Clock at a Yardsale Im into pocketwatch more than clocks but anyway. I was wondering First where can I get parts ofr this? Also Can someone tell me about it? It looks as if the Mainspring is broke I dont know if it is It didnt come with a key. there is a Metal bar at the bottom of the case I see where it goes do I just put it back in? For the experts looking at this what do you think of the clock and what do you think it might run to repair it. If I buy the parts or should I just take it to a clock repair shop Thanks Tim
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    Default Re: Centurion 35 Day (By: Timothy Davis)

    Hi, Tim. Your clock is Korean. Valuewise, it probably isn't worth spendng much money on it. Timesavers can supply you with a mainspring if it is indeed broken. It was probably made within the last 30-40 years, if not newer than that. These clocks can be made to run well, and the movements are at least on par with modern German movements for reliability. They just are not prized by any serious collectors.
    The metal bar is a chime rod, and it will need a bit of work to re-attach it. Also I don't see a pendulum in your pictures.
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    Default Re: Centurion 35 Day (By: Timothy Davis)

    Metal bar looks like it came out of the strike sounding block on the right bottom. You are also missing the pendulum. I can't identify it but it looks fairly modern.
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    This is the second time within a week that Harold and I have posted almost simultaneous replies with similar information. I guess that this furthur reinforces the adage that great minds think alike. I appreciate being in such lofty company.

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