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    Default Need help identifying vintage Benrus

    Earlier this evening, I posted pics in the American Pocket Watch forum to help gain background info on a family heirloom that was passed down to me. I got enough good feedback that I decided to do another couple of threads to identify the other two vintage watches I've purchased recently, a Hamilton Baxter and a Benrus of which I don't know the model name.

    I purchased this Benrus after purchasing the vintage Hamilton referenced in my other thread:http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?t=71622. The only info I have on it is that it has a 10kt rolled gold case and stainless steel back, but unlike the Hamilton, it has a Swiss movement (its kind of hard to tell from the pics though-pics taken on my Blackberry). After asking around on watchuseek and looking on Google, I am convinced the watch was refinished at some point (especially because of the font used for the word "Benrus"), but for $225, I'm happy with it. There were no identifying marks for a model name or number on it, so any info y'all may have would be very much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Need help identifying vintage Benrus (By: orange fury)

    The movement is an ETA 900/925 10 1/2L. I would say that it has a refinished dial, but a good job. It was so common to do this. Lots of watchmakers sold a dial refinish along with a cleaning. I'd bet that at least 25% of these style watches have a refinished dial. Looks great.

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    Default Re: Need help identifying vintage Benrus (By: Dave Haynes)

    Any idea what the face and marker materials are? On the hamilton i posted in the other thread that, i knew that the case was 10k rolled gold and the back was stainless steel, but I had no idea until I saw a 1955 Hamilton ad that the face was sterling silver and the markers were 18k gold. This face looks (to me) exactly like the face on the Hamilton, so it made me wonder if it was the same materials. Also, I haven't ever seen another watch like this, would anyone know a model name or number?

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