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    Default Elgin - Lincoln, Nebraska

    My family is from Lincoln, Nebr. and I remember my mom telling me that she worked at the Elgin plant there. I don't know exactly what she did there, and she's gone now. I wish I'd asked more questions...I found a few mentions on the net of the Lincoln factory and even some photos from 1954 that show the Nebr. state governor at the plant.

    I'd like to know if anyone knows what watch models, grades or seriel numbers were made at the Lincoln factory. Also, any way to locate employee records to verify when she worked there? It would be cool to try to locate a watch made while my mom worked there. And I was born in Lincoln in 1954, so a watch made there in that year would be another cool find.

    Any ideas?? thanks

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    Smile Re: Elgin - Lincoln, Nebraska (By: Steve Keeney)


    You could try contacting Wayne Schlitt, the creator of the The Elgin Watch Collectors Site (scroll down to the bottom of the page for a contact link to the webmaster). I think that he was from Lincoln and did some research on the Elgin plant there.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Registered User Brad Maisto's Avatar
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    Default Re: Elgin - Lincoln, Nebraska (By: Kent)

    I would definitely follow Kents suggestion as this website of Wayne's has much valuable information. Just for grins, I was born in 1954 (good year if I don't say so myself), but in Elgin, IL. I know I have found old copies of the "Watch Word" which was a Elgin Watch Co. inter-company publication at the Gail Borden public library in Elgin, IL. Maybe there is some Lincoln, NE Elgin watch factory information at the Lincoln, NE library? I did find a picture of my Uncle Jimmy in one of the magazines as he was on the basketball team. At best, he may have been a janitor at the Factory, as he was a hard worker but was not the brightest amongst his siblings, and I can say that as all of my relatives on my father's side are now deceased.
    Anyway, good luck with your Hunt.
    Brad Maisto, Indiana Chapter 18 President, Avon, IN

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    Default Re: Elgin - Lincoln, Nebraska (By: Brad Maisto)

    Thanks Kent and Brad for the info. I've been to Wayne's site many times lately as my interest in pocket watches, particularly Elgins, has been growing. That's where I found some photos of the Lincoln factory. I'll dig deeper and follow that link from Kent.

    Brad, that's cool that you also have a family connection with Elgin...and yeah, 1954 was a great year. I've only acquired 1 pocket watch so far, its an Elgin 15 jewel from 1904, ...50 years old when I was born.

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