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Thread: bwc company

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    Default bwc company

    I bought a storage unit at an auction last week and I dumped out a jar of penny's and found this gold pocket watch at the bottom. I am having a very hard time identifying this watch. I know that it is old and it is very pretty and would like to repair it. However, I do not know what I have and do not want to spend more to repair than the watch is worth. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

    I was told that my watch is gold filled, but from the pin at the end of the watch is gold and after 100 years if it was filled I would think I would look like it does. From the research I think the stamp means its 14k gold.

    Stamp says
    warranted 14k to assay
    and then bwc co

    the face says trenton on the front and it has a double opening back.

    I have pictures and can email them

    Thanks for any help

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    Default Re: bwc company (By: keysmee)

    When you reply, go down until you see managing attachments, click on it, then hit browse, it will open up so you can pick from the file you want to upload the pictures from, click on the picture, one at a time, hit upload each time for each picture then hit preview to make sure your pictures took and it they did, hit submit. Sounds like a Trenton Watch Co. watch but pictures will tell whether it truly is or you can email them to me at richis53@yahoo.com and I will post them for you if that is ok.

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    Default Re: bwc company (By: richiec)

    While we wait for pictures ... the case marking you describe sounds like that of a solid gold case from the Brooklyn Watch Case Company.
    Jerry Treiman, NAWCC member since 1971
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    Default Re: bwc company (By: Jerry Treiman)

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    on the pin part its self is a marking that I cannot make out be through a loupe it looks gold
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    Default Re: bwc company (By: keysmee)

    Trenton was never a very expensive watch and there are probably very few collectors who would be interested in this particular watch. Most of its value would be as a jewelry item and would depend on how appealing the external decoration is and the weight of gold in the case. Its value may end up not exceeding the gold value of the case. This particular watch is missing its bezel to hold the crystal which protects the face. The cover has also been opened too far and would need to be repaired to bring the watch into decent condition. Since you do not really have much money in this watch, what you might have to put out for a bezel, crystal, hinge repair and repair (or replacement of the movement) might still be less than the final value. ... or it might exceed the value. However, it will probably not gain any market value from your efforts. That is the harsh reality of today's gold prices relative to the value of the more common watches. Whether to put money into restoring it has to be a personal matter depending on whether you like the watch and would like to use it.
    Jerry Treiman, NAWCC member since 1971
    Charter member of Pocket Horology Chapter 174

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    Smile Re: bwc company (By: Jerry Treiman)

    You may find the Brooklyn Watch Case Co. Encyclopedia article interesting/useful.
    That guy down in Georgia

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