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    Default TimeTrax V MicroSet

    My hearing is not what it was and my volume of work is increasing so I think it is time for a timing machine, but I will never do watches so which machine do I choose.
    The Timetrax 1000 now does 400 day clocks which I do lot of and seems to cover everything I would want, however the MicroSet 2/3 is much more expensive so it must have some advantages but I struggling to see them at the moment can anybody help me decide?
    Stephen Benson - Clock website Time should be a spur not a couch

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    Default Re: TimeTrax V MicroSet (RE: AJSBSA)

    I had the same questions but I ended up buying the TimeTrax ####. I needed something for timing regular antique clocks. Its simple and easy to set up. You can't have other clocks ticking around the clock that your adjusting or you will get a error in your reading, unlike the Time Trax. The alagator clip is a little too big, but for the price you can't beat it. You need to decide if you really need the extra features of the MicroSet. They have an excellent website that I used to make my decision.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: TimeTrax V MicroSet (RE: AJSBSA)

    Thanks for that John yes Timetrax does appear to be the way to go unless I can pick up a second user Microset for the same price
    Stephen Benson - Clock website Time should be a spur not a couch

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    Default Re: TimeTrax V MicroSet (RE: AJSBSA)

    Well my new Timetrax ### finally arrived from Timesavers today and I am well impressed they must of cured the sensitivity problems that others had mentioned because I had clocks all around me when I tested it out on a 400 day and Smiths mantle clock I even had the radio on.
    So easy to use I had it doing everything I wanted after reading the manual for 5 minutes, the beat balance tool certainly works better than me doing it by ear alone and the average BPH feature going to be really useful so it should pay for its self very quickly.
    Stephen Benson - Clock website Time should be a spur not a couch

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