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    Default Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE

    I have a Waltham PW that has a GREEN FACE with a bit of a swirl pattern. In looking up info on this watch, I have not seen another like this. Is this a special model 1888?
    Thank you for any info you could give me about this piece.
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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: walthamPW)

    Looks to me like a model 1888, 16-size. The decoration on the dial appears to be "Guilloche" (geeosh) which is done by applying a translucent vitreous enamel over a metal substrate that has been textured. This might have been a custom dial done at an owner's request. Interesting!

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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: walthamPW)

    Hi walthamPW,

    Welcome to the NAWCC message board!

    The decorative pattern on your dial is called guilloche.
    The decorative pattern on the movement is called damaskeening.
    The movement dates to about 1896-1897 according to the "guide" book authored by Gilbert, Engle & Shugart.

    Also, are there any markings such as 14k, warranted, guaranteed, etc, as well as any hallmarks on the case?
    These markings would be stamped and are not any of the scratched or free-hand repair records.

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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: Barb B)

    These were Waltham factory dials I have seen the green pattern and the sunburst one below I own is on a late 88 model. I have seen blue, green, red and yellow dials all on 88 models. They may have been made for the 1892 World's Columbian Exposition also Known as The Chicago World's Fair or more likely to get rid of the 88 model as they did not a standard 16 size case that the rest of the industry was using.
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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: doug sinclair)

    Thank you for this info!

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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: Barb B)

    Thank you for this info!
    Yes- inside the outer case cover has a number 2886052 KEYSTONE WATCH CASE . Has a 'keystone" insignia & a balance scale.

    The cover for the inner works has " guaranteed 25 years" "J.Boss 14K" .

    Also there are 2 TINY hand scratched notes. One is " 3/6 " and the other is so little and I can't make out what it is or says. So you think this indicates repair documentation? Very interesting! Thank you!

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    Smile Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: walthamPW)

    You might be interested in the Keystone Watch Case Co. Encyclopedia article.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: Bill B)

    Thank you for this info on the dials. Interesting that they may have done this "to get rid of them"!

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    Default Re: Waltham #7839561 GREEN FACE (By: walthamPW)

    Just found this thread; very interesting. I have S/N 7636142 with the identical blue "sunburst" face that Bill B. has It's a beautiful piece; 17 J adjusted movement with nice damaskeening. I'll have to take some photos to put up now!

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