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    Default Gallet and Racine question

    I found there is a family connection between Gallet and Racine and that Jules Racine was a cousin of the Gallet's and established the US outlet for Gallet produced timepieces in the mid 1800's. When did the Racine family begin making watches? Were the Jules Racine watches produced along with Gallet watches or were they a separate entity? I understand that Racine was acquired by Gallet in 1975 or so.

    I also understand the Enicar brand (Racine backwards) was started by another Racine family member and existed up to the quartz revolution. As Gallet is perhaps the oldest name in watch making (at least according to them), I find this family history fascinating. Are these brands collectible?

    Thanks, JeffL

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    Default Re: Gallet and Racine question (By: JeffL)

    Yes, Jules was the American distributor for Gallet. They didn't make watches, as all components were supplied by Gallet - although they were branded "Racine" or "Gallet by Racine".
    It is a bit unclear what happened to Racine, although I suspect that they were absorbed back into Gallet, just like they did with Excelsior Park, during the 'quartz crisis' of the 70's.
    As I understand it, Enicar was started by another cousin, but through a falling-out, set out on his own path. I don't think there is any direct corellation between the two companies.

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    Default Re: Gallet and Racine question (By: DragonDan)


    Do you know where to get a Racine wrkd on in our town

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    Default Re: Gallet and Racine question (By: watchdaddy1)

    Interesting thread. I have a Gallet Racine pocket watch. I would like to identify the calibre as i need a balance staff for it, would there be a calibre number on the movement.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Default Re: Gallet and Racine question (By: Kevin W.)

    Didn't they also use the name Enicar, Racine in reverse?

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