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Thread: Bulova 23 Jewel

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    Default Bulova 23 Jewel

    I have inherited a watched passed down in my family with our name engraved in it its a Bulova 23 jewels as the front reads and in the back it has stamped Bulova 10KT R.G.P. and F305540, My father gave it to me and before doing so said it held a good value does anyone know of such a watch and what it may be worth. I have searched awhile and have found no real help and when I sent it to be evaluated by Cash4Gold they said it back to me labeled as "Junk" help is greatly appreciated. I just want to know is it a sentimental thing or do I have a potential Valuable asset here.
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    Default Re: Bulova 23 Jewel (By: CoderCozz)

    For me , if my father had handed me down a nice Bulova I would have it serviced and I would wear it from time to time in his rememberence, and because they were cool watches. Your watch is probably worth under a $.00 and as we are not suppose to talk price here on this watch forum it shouldn't hurt to give an approximate figure. This is one of the rules here is that we cannot give estimates on watches.

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    Default Re: Bulova 23 Jewel (By: rleegabe)

    You can get some idea of your watch's value by finding similar watches on EBay. That fact that you appear to have the original display box will add a bit of appeal to collectors and therefore value on the open market.

    It is gold plate and doesn't significant gold in it thus the labeling of "junk" by the cash-for-gold guys. It is not "junk". Bulovas of this era were quite nice watches. I agree with rleegabe, get it serviced and wear it from time to time.
    Will McCown -- Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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    Default Re: Bulova 23 Jewel (By: flynwill)

    Not a great picture, but it appears to be very similar to several I have that are very thin at the edges and contain a 10BP movement. If this is the case, they are VERY good watches, usually with 5 or 6 adjustments.

    These were pretty much top of the line Bulovas in the 50s, and you aren't likely to find another wristwatch that keeps better time if yours is in very good condition. They get bid up pretty fast on eBay.

    I would get rid of the metal band though, and replace it with a leather one. The metal bands grind into the case where they swivel on the spring pins, and eventually the hole where the spring pin goes will get worn so badly it pops out, dropping the watch off your wrist. The gouges are ugly as well.


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    Default Re: Bulova 23 Jewel (By: psfred)

    Thank you all for your feedback. I was just trying to figure out the watch and what it's value is. Not necessarily monetary but more so I was shocked at getting this back and having it called "Junk" as it has came from my great grand father and is in excellent working condition. I am not very Watch wise so I wanted to ask a pro or the fans of old watches and collectibles.

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    Default Re: Bulova 23 Jewel (By: CoderCozz)

    In the 60s, those were top of the line watches including all brands. My brother bought one new @$120. To show the difference, I could afford the manual wind Sea King, it was $37.

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