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Thread: Gustav Becker

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    Default Gustav Becker

    I recently found a Gustav Becker (alarm clock). The serial number is 232352564. I believe it is dated between 1880 and 1885? My Dad picked it up while we lived in Germany in the 70's. The dail on the clock is broken, I believe it is porcelin and the brass is really tarnished.

    I'm looking for someone who refinishes clocks or where I could go about buying a new dail and hands. Forgive me if I'm miss speaking about something, this is my first antique clock!


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    Default Re: Gustav Becker (By: Klh3981)

    Ky, welcome to the NAWCC Message Board and thanks for posting your inquiry. It will help a lot if you could post photos here of your clock including the broken dial, that will help in identification as well as to see what might be done with the dial and restoration of your clock.

    The serial number you have posted seems to be too long for a typical GB number. Could you recheck it and see if it is 2323525 plus a P64? The first seven digits would be the serial number and the latter the length of the pendulum, but that might not be correct if you really have a small alarm clock and not a larger wall clock.

    We will look forward to seeing the photos.

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