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    Default Swiss Pocket Watch - no serial number on mechanism....help?

    I recently was given a pocket watch, on the face it reads ''NON MAGNETIQUE''. I open up the first back case and the numbers (very worn out) ''26021'' (new line) ''6'' are found and below is a number in a kind of elongated diamond shape ''0.935'' (am guessing thats the silver grade?) and then two lions looking left are below that (again something to do with the hallmark).
    I open up the next back case and on the inside of that there is exactly the same as the other case.
    Now I look a the mechanism... ''BREVET'' is written above what looks like a swiss cross. And written also is ''SWISS'', ''NON MAGNETIC'' and ''JUNIOR''. But there are no other number after that...Can anybody tell me anything about my watch?
    I would love to find anything out about it, so if you would like any more photos, let me know what you'd like and i'll put them up
    Regards, Hugo
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    Default Re: Swiss Pocket Watch - no serial number on mechanism....help? (By: Hugo Wilson)

    The word BREVET means patent, and the "cross" symbol is not a trademark for the manufacturer, but would indicate a Swiss patent is held for the watch.
    A handy link for Swiss trademarks is : http://www.ccwatchmaker.com/listoftrademarks1.html
    The hallmarks are presumably silver content hallmarks for England. We can assume it is a continental case since it has no British silversmith's proprietor's letters stamped in the hallmark. Watches were commonly sold without a case to the jeweller, and they provided a line of cases to meet the customer's budget or needs. Cases are therefore not always identically paired to a particular watch movement. Here's a link to English hallmarks: http://www.silvercollection.it/engli...hallmarks.html

    Usually, a Swiss movement would have its trademark stamp with its design numbers or caliber information etc stamped on the movement's upper plate, hidden under the dial.
    If you are not a watch repairman, I'd hate to recommend you tamper with it. But your local jeweller or watch repairman could show this to you when he cleans it. They remove the hands and dial in order to clean and oil it.
    Swiss movements don't always have serial numbers, since they are very often mass produced; I would assume this is why they lack serial numbers. Swiss makers classify the movements as a particular size and production number. (for example: BFG 670 13.5 lignes which translates to Baumgartner Brothers, movement number 670 in 13.5 lignes size.) This is not your watch's info, just to be clear, but an example of Swiss terminology.
    Anyway, this name "Non Magnetique" resembles a swiss watch movement sold through an American company, called the Non Magnetic Watch company of America. They sold watches in America, manufactured in Switzerland in 16 and 18 size, using from 7 to 24 jewels, and possibly repeaters (alarms). This would be 1887 to 1905 for the American entity under this name. Here's a picture of an American version: http://www.prices4antiques.com/clocks-watches/pocket-watch/Watch-Pocket-Non-Magnetic-Watch-Company-Paillards-Patent-18K-Yellow-Gold-Open-Face-size-18-D9817304.htm
    The innovation involved was a non-magnetic hairspring. (magnetically resistant at least)
    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Swiss Pocket Watch - no serial number on mechanism....help? (By: Bubbaloo001)

    Hello again,
    I hesitated to tell you this part, since the site has a restriction on mentioning any commercial information. I wouldn't want to break any rules. Its just that there is a book available on eBay they shows detailed information about the Non Magnetic watch movements of the 19th Century. I thought I might be able to tell you about it after all, since it is in the interest of furthering horological education.
    You would only have to search non magnetic watches on that site on your own. I am not affiliated with the book's vendor in any way.

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