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    Default Manuals for Simplex master clocks and wall clocks and dating sheet

    I don't know if the 6100 programs the same as the 6400 Master Clock, but if so, there is a manual for that on line at


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    Default Re: Simplex 6100 School Clock (RE: skruft)

    Quote Originally Posted by harold bain View Post
    skruft, it is similar enough that it probably would get you by. Keypads are the same, as I recall (I'm getting out of practice, don't do very many schools any more).
    6100 is close to the 6400 but the correct manual is best.

    See the link below for a pdf version of the 6100 manual:


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    Default Re: Users Manuals for Simplex model 6100 and 6400 master clocks (RE: SOG38)

    Here is another resource regarding a Simplex WCP Clock, contributed by Harold Bain.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails STR.pdf  
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    Default Simplex Wired Sync and electronic clock manual (RE: skruft)

    Here is a Simplex training manual covering electronic and wired sync clock movements:

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    Default (RE: skruft)

    Attachment 266858Attachment 266859Attachment 266860Attachment 266861Attachment 266862Attachment 266863Attachment 266864

    The 2400 and the 2350 are the same instructions there was no seperate instructions for the 2400, it was just a bigger system. Maybe someone can put these 2 post together and add them to the instruction list.
    Attachment 266865Attachment 266866Attachment 266867Attachment 266868Attachment 266869Attachment 266870
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Photo_2008_8_18_20_51_59_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_52_27_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_52_56_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_53_30_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_54_22_1.jpg  

    Photo_2008_8_18_20_54_53_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_55_39_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_56_8_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_56_45_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_57_14_1.jpg  

    Photo_2008_8_18_20_57_45_1.jpg   Photo_2008_8_18_20_58_12_1.jpg   2350 program sheet.jpg  

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    Default (RE: skruft)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This booklet was sent to me by Jim Lane (Caperace). It was sent out by Simplex to its employees in 1988 to explain the company history and why 1988 did not officaly mark 100 years in business, as had often been thought.
    Thanks, Jim, a very interesting read.
    Also thanks to Bill Stuntz for assistance in organizing the pages.
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