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    Default Chime problem with Hermle 141-071

    I have an FHS (Hermle) clock with an annoying problem - it chimes once less than it should - 3 chimes at 4 o'clock, 8 chimes at 9 o'clock, etc. It's consistently always one less, apart from 1 o'clock, when it does chime once. Any suggestions what is wrong and how to repair it?

    thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: bmartin)

    There are several possabilities, but the simple fix may be to just reposition the hour hand and see if everything works ok from that point on.

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: R. Croswell)

    nope, if it does strike 1 on the 1 hour position, this means the rack and the rack arm are out of alignment, i.e. bent.

    you will need to take of the hands and the dial to further diagnose/repair this.

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: antiekeradio)

    Did the clock always strike incorrectly or did it just develope? If it has been that way since you got the clock, you may need to move the snail a tooth or 2 clockwise. you will have to remove the dial or take the movement out to do this. then remove the e-clip holding the washer on the idler gear.

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: dajanasa1)

    i concur - watch where the rack tail hits the snail every hour and if not central then adjust a tooth to centralise.

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: oldticker)

    Here's how to fix it:

    Remove the hands, then pull the movement from the case. On the front, you'll notice the minute shaft where the minute hand attached, and the part where the hour hand goes is the front part of the snail. When the clock strikes, the rack tail will fall, and it needs to hit the center of the lobe of the snail that it falls on. Yours will be near the edge. You need to raise the snail out of the gear it attaches to, and turn it until it's centered on the lobe. You'll need to remove an 'e' clip and a washer to do that, and hold the other gear so it can't turn while you reposition the snail. Put the washer and 'e' clip back on, and put on the minute hand. Go clear around the 12 hours until you're sure it's working correctly, then take off the hand, put everything back in the case and you're good. Just listen to the strike to know where to put the hour hand

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    Default Re: Chime problem with Hermle 141-071 (By: shutterbug)

    thanks all for the advice. I'll have access to the clock (my mother's house) within the next 2 weeks and will try out the suggestions, and let let you know how I got on.

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