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Thread: Jules Rolez

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    Default Jules Rolez

    Hi, anyone heard of this guy, nothing in Wiki or here by search. Search on Yahoo reveals some of his work, born Manchester but signs his work with 'Jules Rolez Limited Paris'. Around 1820-50s works with marble, slate and onyx, and I've seen some likable clocks. Thats all I know, can anyone please advance on that? Jeeves

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    Default Re: Jules Rolez (By: Jeeves)

    The silence spoke volumes so I didn't bother with that clock, if there's nothing known here it's not worth bothering with. Probably a Chinese copy anyway!

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    Default Re: Jules Rolez (By: Jeeves)

    They show up on eBay from time to time.
    A quick Google search brought up a few in auctions and some info.

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