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    Default Omega Constellation First Year. Any info?

    I was lucky enough to come across this 1st Year Constellation in a local shop yesterday. Case # 2652-2, Calibre 354, s/n 13,767,xxx. Gold top with original 10 sides crown and guilloche dial. All original and in excellent condition. Any additional info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Omega Constellation First Year. Any info? (By: ironwood)

    You are correct about the calibre 354 being the first used in Constellations, later on Omega let in the 500-series in the Constellation cases.
    I think the first were "pie-pans", yours is not but it doesn´t matter.
    Constellations were introduced in 1952 starting out with serial number 13.500.000, yours might be from late 1952 or perhaps a little later as 1954 is 14.500.000.

    Nice watch!


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    Default Re: Omega Constellation First Year. Any info? (By: MFRC1956)

    Thanks Michael, as I said I am lucky to have wandered in to the shop when I did. The serial number of my watch is 13,767,xxx and you mention that the first serial number for Constellations is 13.500.000. Is there any estimate of how many were produced in 1952?

    Thanks in advance, and I love the watch!


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    Default Re: Omega Constellation First Year. Any info? (By: ironwood)

    That is a very beautiful Constellation!

    Not sure if it could be considered a "first year" model. There were several references and two movements (cal. 352 and 354) that were sold more or less concurrently.

    The serial number charts may tell one when a movement was produced, but between the time needed for chronometer testing, casing, timing, distribution and retail sale, it was not unusual for watches to take two years or more from the movement production date to be actually sold.

    I've seen several Constellations with serial numbers under 13 million. Here's a picture of one with its original certificate:

    For information on vintage Constellation models, here's the best place on the web:

    Omega Constellation Collectors' Blog

    Hope this helps,

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