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    Default Moonphase dial not working

    I have a 1937 Herschede grandfathers clock. The clock works well and keeps accurate time. The moon phase dial is not working, however moves freely by hand. Before I try to fix it, does anyone have any suggestions, drawings, etc. of what might be wrong? Thanks and have a nice day.

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    Default Re: Moonphase dial not working (By: Hereathome)

    I am fussing with an early Colonial (made by Herschede )with a Moon Dial right now. The dial is a bit out of true so it will jamb the movement on some days. I have run into clocks where part of the mechanism was taken off because it stopped the movement (I am assuming). R&M Imports purchased the stock of parts when Herschede closed shop.

    Here is a photo of the back of the one I am working on.

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    Default Re: Moonphase dial not working (By: dumpsterdiver)

    Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: Moonphase dial not working (By: Hereathome)

    I recently had to take the dial off my 1917 Herschede, and I wasn't careful enough when I put it back on; the moon phase didn't move.

    When I took the dial off again, it was very obvious what I had done wrong--there was a cam-type of thing on the front of the movement that fit into a hole in a rod (sorry, I don't know the technical terms) that would nudge the moon phase dial every twelve hours. The fix was easy.

    I would suggest taking the dial off (it's pretty easy), and taking a look.

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    Default Re: Moonphase dial not working (By: 124Spider)

    Herschede used at least two different mechanisms (that I know of) for actuating moon dials. The one I have seen most often consists of a cam on the hour pipe, that fits into an elongated hole in a lever on the back of the dial. The cam offsets the leverto the left and right every six hours (left or right the first six, then to the opposite side the next six) The other mechanism I have seen consists of a lever that rides on the top odf the same cam, and is lifted once every twelve hours. Either way, the dial also has a very light springg detent that rides in teeth cut around the outer edge, so that the dial will move easily only one direction. It can be reversed by hand, for setting, but the detent is too strong for the drag in the motion works to pull it backwards.

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    Default Re: Moonphase dial not working (By: Dave B)

    Thanks again for the help.

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