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    Question New Haven pocket watch, help ID and date

    I have had this pocket watch since I was only a child and have never thought anything about it but have recently wondered when it was made. So I searched online and cant find one like it. Can anyone tell me about this pocket watch and when it was made?
    Thanks for helping,

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    Default Re: New Haven pocket watch, help ID and date (By: aarong81)

    The New Haven Clock Co, who manufactured your watch, was in business until 1956. They made their first dollar watches in 1880. New Haven did not serial number or date their watches, so there is no exact way to date the watch. From the style of your case, I would guess late 1940's to the early 1950's.


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    Smile Re: New Haven pocket watch, help ID and date (By: Tom Huber)

    Ok, thanks for sharing the information with me. I was curious because of the lack of a serial number. Im sure in the condition it in, its not going to be worth anything for at least another 50 years. :-D

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    Default Re: New Haven pocket watch, help ID and date (By: aarong81)

    Greetings, aarong81, as Tom stated your New Haven watch was called a Dollar Watch, mainly because Ingersoll sold some of their watches for a Dollar in the early 1900's. Your watch, allthough it does not have a serial # it was made from a patent granted in 1908, 1910 to The New Haven Clock Co. 1853-1946, later to become the New Haven Watch and Clock Co. 1946-56. Your Model was most likely mfg. in 1938 or later and was called " The New Haven Pentagon Lapel" Your watch is missing its original Bow above the stem and a braided leather cord with a leather button on the end which fit in a button hole on the lapel of your clothing and resided in a pocket, or the cord could be looped around a belt and carried in a watch pocket. The original price of this watch in 1938 was $1.95. New Haven made approx. 40,000,000 watches . Hope that helps by adding a little more info about your watch!

    Rob Sherman Ch. 106,149

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    Talking Re: New Haven pocket watch, help ID and date (By: Rms5268)

    Oh ok, Thanks to both Tom and Rob. I got more info than I expected, what a great forum!

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