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Thread: Luminous dots?

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    Default Luminous dots?

    I am missing the luminous dot from above the 12 position on the bezel of a Seiko diver. Are there any "stick ons" or similar or will I have to get it relumed? I've seen reluming paint kits but they are about £25-30.

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    Default Re: Luminous dots? (By: walthambarmy)

    I do not know if you can buy just the dot. I have however palyed with a lume kit. It comes in several different colors and consists of some luminous pulver, some rasin which resembels clear nail polish, and a solvent.

    You mix some pulver with rasin and apply with an oiler. The result is quite OK specially for dots. Numbers can be more difficult to get straight but I found that you can straighten lines with a scalpel when the paint is half dry.

    Now for a betsel on a diver watch I am not sure if the paint will last. Could possibly such dot be made of some plastic?

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    Default Re: Luminous dots? (By: Skutt50)

    The kit that Jules Borel sells works very nicely for replacing the luminous dots. Get the brightest one (green) as this will match the original very well.

    You can also re-lume hands very nicely with this stuff, although one should check to make sure the original is NOT radium before removing it. Seikos are all rare earth doped sulfides so far as I know, at least the post WWII ones.


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