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    Default ALARM CLOCK(Spartus)

    Good Afternoon, was hoping I could try and get an answer on the following question?? Or perhaps, I could be pointed in the right direction? I have a "Vintage, SPARTUS LED Alarm Clock, Sunset Night Light. It put out by the Spartus Corporation, Louisville, Miss. 39339, it was Made in Hong Kong, for Spartus, the bottom reflects Model No. 1031-61
    Is there any way to find out the approximate date of Manufacture of this clock?? My best guess on date would be late 70's, early 80's I have attached a link to a site which displays the clock in question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    William R. Gates
    Nampa, Idaho
    Phone: 208-608-8029

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    Default Re: ALARM CLOCK(Spartus) (By: WILLIAM R. GATES)

    First, WELCOME to th' bored, Mr. "G", but,
    I find no link.

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    Default Re: ALARM CLOCK(Spartus) (By: Scottie-TX)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scottie-TX View Post
    First, WELCOME to th' bored, Mr. "G", but,
    I find no link.
    Sorry about that, I could not figure out how to attach the Icon Link, it is locatedated at the following site: "Worthopedia- Premier Price Guide, under Vintage Spartus LED Alarm Clock Sunset Night Light""

    Thanks please take a look at the 4 views of this Spartus at the above site.

    William Gates
    Nampa, Idaho

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