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    Default Atmos Clock Bellows

    I recently sent out my Atmos II clock for servicing. In addition to cleaning, the bellows needed to be recharged. After many months, I was told that this old style bellows was soldered on and could not be recharged. Is this true? If so, do I need to get a new bellows? It is my understanding that the new bellows screw in and that it will not fit my clock. Can anyone help me with this problem. I want to get the clock repaired.


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    Default Re: Atmos Clock Bellows (By: rpm7653@aol.com)

    Ron, if your clock is an early Atmos II with the original soldered bellows (1938-1946), it is correct that one cannot be repaired. It will need to be replaced with a modern bellows but that can be done and still leave the clock with no change in appearance. There are several who can do that job professionally. Check with any of the following:

    Mike Murray at Atmosman@earthlink.net
    Dennis Kaye at decay@dialrepair.com
    Jeff Hamilton at jeff@clockmaker.com

    Mike is in California, Dennis is in North Carolina, and Jeff is in Florida.

    For authenticity, ask them to please re-use the front plate of the drum assembly that has the fill tube cap there so the appearance change will be minimal. The fill tube cap is located to the left of the movement support frame at the front of the drum, and looks somewhat like a bullet.

    Also, please post some photos of your clock here so we can document it as to exactly when it was made and other info. Does it have one serial number just on the movement front plate or two serial numbers, one on the movement and the other on the suspension bridge? The latter with two numbers will be the earlier, the single number was introduced in 1945.

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