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    Question American Watch Co. Waltham, Mass

    I have a small lady's pocket watch. Top winding with Roman Numerals. Engraved inside is "Am. Watch Company, Waltham, Mass" There is also engraved "SAFETY BARREL" and the number 5576558. Additionally, there are the words "Guaranteed to be made of two plates of 14 Ct gold with plate of composition between. And to wear 20 years 198" When I look the manufacturer up on the Internet it says the company name was in use 1859 - 1885. Can anybody tell me when this watch was actually manufactured.

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    Default Re: American Watch Co. Waltham, Mass (By: Gladstone)

    Welcome to the NAWCC board

    You watch is a Waltham model 1891 made between 1892 and 1893.

    Here is a link to the web site which describes Waltham watches by Serial number


    That site will give the size of the run in which yours was made and how long it was open.

    The "two plates of gold and 20 year terms are om the case and describe a mid quality gold filled watch case. When your watch was made and purchased the movements (works) were usually purchased separately or at least selected separately and assembled by the local jeweler.

    These watches were made in several grades with the "Am." grade being near bottom.

    If it runs well limit your use. It is listed as a 7 jewel watch. Thsi is the minimum for what we call a "jeweled lever" watch. They have a life of about 30 years in wear and then need pretty extensive restoration.

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    Default Re: American Watch Co. Waltham, Mass (By: Dr. Jon)

    Dear Dr. Jon
    Thank you very much for your speedy reply! The amount of experience that is out there in cyberspace never ceases to amaze me!

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