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    Default Molly Stark pocket watch

    I have a Molly Stark pocket watch, details inside Canton.O U.S.A.
    Dueber Warranted 20 Years, Serial No. 8369913. On watch face Hampden.
    If possible I like to know year of make, also actual price, watch in perfect working order. Thanks

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    Default Re: Molly Stark pocket watch (By: nitals)

    Welcome to the NAWCC website !

    Hampdens did not go beyond serial number 4,000,000 so you must have mistyped the serial number. Note the serial number must be on the watch works, not the number on the case.

    You can find the information on the watch by looking up the serial number here:


    Molly Starks were the most popular watch the Hampden Watch produced, so they were a very popular seller. This watch was typically a 7 jewel model.
    The ladies watches were typically sold as a piece of jewelery. Thus the movements tended to be at the lower end of the scale, but the allure was in the Case and chain.

    Yours is a 20 year Gold-filled Case, which means that the gold overlay over the base metal was thicker that say a 10 year model.

    We do not do appraisals here, but you can look it up on ebay for an idea what they are selling for now.
    Henry Burgell
    Chapters 149, 15

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    Smile Re: Molly Stark pocket watch (By: HenryB)

    Hi nitals:

    To add to the good information that Henry posted, you can find a little bit about Hampden's Molly Stark grade in the Hampden Watch Co. wiki article.

    Also, you can see a picture of the movement, along with a brief catalog description of Dueber-Hampden's Molly Stark grade and where it fit into their line of "440" (3/0-size) ladies watches on page DH07 of the 1917 Oskamp-Nolting Catalog.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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