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    Default Howard Miller Mantle clock chimes - HELP

    I just purchased a used Howard Miller Mantle clock with three key wind spots on the face. Overnight it seemed to keep pretty good time, however, the chiming mechanism seems to be off kilter. When the chime on/off lever on the face is in the on position, it doesn't chime automatically. When I move the minute hand, I can hear a click when it reaches the appropriate positions. When I move the on/off lever off and then on again, it chimes on and on and on... It eventually stops, but still doesn't chime on time. When I again move the lever off and then on, it goes through the same long chime sequence. I have at this point let the chime wind down. Sometimes it chimes the Winchester sequence, but as it wound down, it was mainly the monotone striking sequence. One or two of the hammers don't hit quite hit on target either.

    Since I bought it at a thrift store, there is no way for me to find out the history of the clock.

    I am hoping it may just need cleaning and/or minor adjustment. Any ideas or suggestions?

    The markings on the back of the clock are as follows:

    Howard Miller Clock
    Zeeland, Michigan
    TWC (2) JEWFLS
    Made in West-Germany

    There are also some hand etched figures: 9/97 (or 9/47?) and what could be a 5 or an S.

    On the back cover, someone scratched into the wood what looks like:
    M030-9(?) 583-3129-0071 and then DLN


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    Default Re: Howard Miller Mantle clock chimes - HELP (By: kewpieliz)

    Hi, Kewpieliz, welcome to the message board. Your clock was made in 1980, so there is a good chance it needs servicing.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
    "If it won't "tick",
    let me "tock" to it"

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    Default Re: Howard Miller Mantle clock chimes - HELP (By: harold bain)

    FWIW the unit was made by Hermle and the tune is Westminster. Only URgos used a Winchester chime in mantle clocks and then in the triple chime version.
    I agree it will need serviced. Very outside chance some great oil and a prayer can help it for awhile.

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    Default Re: Howard Miller Mantle clock chimes - HELP (By: MARK A. BUTTERWORTH)

    Hi, Kew! Welcome! Do this:

    Take the hands off, and remove the movement from the clock. Then post good clear pictures of the front of the movement. If it's something simple, we'll be able to spot it. Otherwise, can confirm the need for an overhaul. Alternately, you could replace the movement with a new one.

    The hour hand will just pull off with some wiggling

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    Default Re: Howard Miller Mantle clock chimes - HELP (By: kewpieliz)

    Thanks for the posts. I turned chicken and took it to a clock repair shop. He, of course, said he couldn't be sure until he looked at it, but thought it might just need cleaning and some adjustment. He had so many wonderful clocks in his shop that chimed and bonged while I was there! One of these days I will have to take the plunge and take the hands off a clock and jump in with the cleaning! I told him I was intimidated by the idea and he said it is only intimidating the first couple of times. I have a couple of old cuckoo clocks I didn't pay much for...I guess they could be practice pieces.

    Again, thanks for responding!

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