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Thread: Elgin 290

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    Default Elgin 290

    I recently acquired an Elgin 290 pocketwatch from 1920. The watch is in working order and the seller informed me that it had recently been serviced. However, I cannot figure out how to set the time. The winding stem doesn't pull out and I removed the bezel to find that it doesn't have a lever. I was hoping someone could help me.

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    Default Re: Elgin 290 (By: phibbitts)

    Did you get in touch to talk to the seller about your setting problem.I know a Grade 291 is pendant set, but not sure about the 290.
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    Default Re: Elgin 290 (By: Kevin W.)

    I have and the seller was a antique jewerlry trader and says he didn't recall every actually setting the watch. What is pendant set, I'm unfamiliar with that method?

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    Default Re: Elgin 290 (By: Kevin W.)

    As per the sales catalog, it should be pendant set. This means that you pull the crown out to set the time.

    Sometimes, the sleeve is "tight" and it takes quite a bit of force to pull out. It can help to turn the crown just a little bit while trying to pull.

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