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    Default Cartier Tank running very slow?

    I recently sold a manual wind Cartier Tank Vermeil on eBay. Before I sold it, it had been running fine for 2 weeks, keeping good time.
    The buyer left positive feedback, but 2 days later, he says that it's losing an hour every 3 hours. He assures me that it's been wound up.

    The only thing that I can think of that would make a watch run that slow is a problem with the cannon pinion or motion work, but surely a knock that's hard enough to cause a problem here would break the balance staff?

    I wonder if the buyer is messing me about? Any ideas what could cause a previously "perfect" watch to suddenly run so slow?

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    Default Re: Cartier Tank running very slow? (By: Clockworks999)

    Ask the buyer if the crown has been pushed back in after setting the time. If not, the cannon pinion would be trying to drive the entire setting mechanism. If the cannon pinion is a little loose, that could cause a lot of slippage and time loss. Just one possibility. Aloha, Rick

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    Default Re: Cartier Tank running very slow? (By: Rick Alhadeff)

    Thanks. I emailed the buyer to check this, and haven't heard back yet.

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