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    Default Swihart Rocking logo Coca Cola clock

    I have a SWIHART PRODUCTS ELWOOD INDIANA rocking logo Coca Cola neon clock. The mechanism that links the motor to the logo is missing. Does anyone have any information or a picture of this?? A picture of the neon transformer would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Swihart Rocking logo Coca Cola clock (By: gentleman jim)

    Check the sticky on the repair forum for Wayne's neon clock supply,by far the most available parts for neon clocks

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    Default Re: Swihart Rocking logo Coca Cola clock (By: analogtime)

    The size and type of transformer will depend on the width and length of the neon tubing, as well as if it's neon or argon/mercury. There are a couple of other companies that sell transformers (I've used Tech-22 and West Coast Custom Designs), and each will list the maximum width and length for each gas that a particular transformer will power, as well as the dimension, to ensure it will fit inside the case.

    Avoid over-powering the neon; an electronic transformer has the advantage of self-adjusting to the load while a "core and coil" does not. And, of course, ensure that the case is properly grounded.

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