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    Default Waltham 15j m#1874-1884 chronograph

    Just picket up Waltham 15j M#1874-1884 CHRONOGRAPH SER 3161032 OPEN FACE 1884 MODEL.Beautiful looking watch have very little information on it.My question how rare are they?How good are they.Any information would be welcomed.It has a gold filled case and is open faced with ARABIC NUMBERS.Thanks Butch

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    Default Re: Waltham 15j m#1874-1884 chronograph (By: butch45)

    Butch54, I know that they are not really rare asI had hoped, they made a few thousand, I think many were for the export market. I have one as well, very pretty watch and all functions operate. Looks like the case was custom made for the movement, also gold filled. Pictures would be nice if you have them.

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